Toes in the Sand

March 2, 2024
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By: Tom Morrone

There is something about feeling the sand between your toes while strolling along the beach that is so relaxing. That is not true for everyone, but it certainly is true for me. This past week I was extremely fortunate to have the “toes in the sand” feeling many times. A quick burst from Tweed New Haven on Avelo to Sarasota provided us with the opportunity. Cathy and I have enjoyed visiting Anna Maria Island over the years and always enjoyed the area and this most recent trip did not disappoint in any way. From Sarasota Airport, it is only a 35–40-minute drive to get to where we were staying so it was simple. Also, departing from Tweed was another piece of cake, though it was 19 degrees when we left New Haven. A quick non-stop flight and we arrive to see the sun and palm trees. Snowbirds, who have flown south for the winter, have complained about the chilly winter, at least by Florida standards. Fortunately for us, we had sun and temperatures in the mid to upper 70’s all week long. 

Once we checked in to our resort and unpacked and settled into our room, we immediately changed into clothes that were more comfortable for the 70-degree temperature. Then it was time for toes in the sand. An immediate sense of calm comes over me as we walk along the shoreline, feeling the sun on our faces and watching the pelicans dive for their meal. An occasional dolphin would entertain us, and we would immerse ourselves in being in a tropical location. Life is Good!!

Travel days are usually exhausting, and our travel day was no different. Up early, the stress of the travel and all the steps along the way to get from point A to point B. Therefore, we had a simple dinner our first night and enjoyed a cocktail on our lanai, soaked our bodies in the hot tub and enjoyed a picturesque sunset. It was a wonderful way to end a long travel day and set us up for the week ahead. We enjoyed our stay and took full advantage of what the resort and area had to offer. We walked the beach, road bikes, ate grouper (prepared every possible way), dined on the beach, shopped, ate ice cream, read books, etc., etc., etc. Well, you get the picture.

There were so many little nooks and crannies to explore on the island and we made a gallant effort to experience as many of them as possible. One night after dinner on the beach, there was a sandcastle artist who treated everyone to his artistic capabilities with sand. He built his sandcastles to a different level and the details were amazing. I have included a picture of his handy work. We coordinated one day with my cousins Larochelle and Peggy with her husband Rob. It was nice to see my family and hang out together on Anna Maria Island together. Of course, there were cocktails and a nice meal together as we shared stories and laughter. Life is good!

As the old saying goes, “all good things must come to an end.” This week was no different. Before the week was over, we made a reservation at the same resort for the same week next year. Also, this October we will be returning with the entire family, where we rented a large house on the beach so we can all stay under one roof together. That trip will get here soon enough and do not want to rush life along because it goes quick enough on its own. Plus, we have spring and summer to look forward to and of course another golf season. 

So, it may be a while before the next toes in the sand feeling but that is simply fine with me. There are good times ahead with friends and family to look forward to. Life is Good!

Until the Next Tom’s Take……………………………………..

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