Lincoln, New Hampshire

November 7, 2023
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By: Tom Morrone

A recent road trip to Lincoln New Hampshire to visit Cathy’s brother Tom & his wife Jeanne was nothing short of spectacular. They have invited us numerous times to their mountain retreat, and there was always a conflict in our schedules. This time, our schedules finally jived so off to New Hampshire we went. Cathy and I took our kids to the region decades ago and we have not been back since so we were looking forward to three days in the White Mountains. It was about a 260-mile drive that took us close to 5 hours in total when you factored in a lunch stop. The further north we drove, the foliage became increasingly brilliant in the assorted colors that one would expect. We stopped for lunch about an hour from their home and as a treat after our meal, we splurged at the Common Man Roadside for freshly made, still warm, apple cider and blueberry donuts. They were delicious and if you ever could treat yourself to one of these donuts from the Common Man, you will not be disappointed. Anyway, on the road again!

It was exciting to finally arrive and receive the “cook’s tour” of their condominium which was at the base of Loon Mountain. We then sat and talked for a while we planned the rest of our day. A tour of the area was on the docket and then we were on the road again. We made our way through the White Mountains and drove to nearby Cannon Mountain. At the base of the mountain, we entered the tramway, an enclosed cable car that holds up to eighty people. The tram takes you to the 4,080-foot summit. Upon exiting the tram, we then walked an additional 1,500 feet along the rim trail to the observation deck boasting 360-degree views of the area mountain ranges. The views were breathtaking, and the colors of the fall foliage added to the splendor. It was warm at the base of the mountain but on the observation deck it was cool and extremely windy. We walked around on the trails and then headed back to the tram for our ride down to the base of the mountain. Back safely on the ground, we made our way back to their condominium where we settled in for the evening with cocktails and a nice dinner prepared by chef Jeanne. It was wonderful to just sit around and chat and recap the day.

The next morning after a hearty breakfast, enjoyable conversation, and a robust lunch, we were on the road again for an afternoon drive through the mountains. Tom took the wheel as the tour guide. We meandered our way through the mountains and stopped at various points along the Kancamagus Highway to simply just enjoy the natural beauty of the mountains. We drove through Franconia Notch and saw rivers and waterfalls. All the while, the colors of Autumn were front and center. We eventually made our way to the base of Mt. Washington and stopped at the Mt. Washington Resort and Hotel to stretch our legs and soak in the beauty. After an opportunity to enjoy more of the vistas and grander of the mountains, we were back on the road again. Back at their condominium, we freshened up, had a glass of wine, and then went out for a delicious dinner at a nearby restaurant to cap off a fantastic day. Tom educated us about the 4,000 club, which is an elite group of hikers that have made it to the summit of all forty-eight peaks in New Hampshire that are at least 4,000 feet in elevation. Tom estimates that he has completed about half of them and wants to hike the rest. Go Tom! 

As they say, all good things must end, and this trip was no different. We took a different route on our way home so the scenery was all different and just as beautiful. It was a fabulous getaway for a few days and cannot thank Tom & Jeanne enough for being such gracious hosts. We can see why they love their mountain retreat as much as they do. Life is good!

Until the Next Tom’s Take………………………………

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